New York Aquarium - Sea Cliffs Exhibit & Gift Shop

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Winner of the Concrete Industry Board Award of Excellence for innovations in construction approach.

Project Size: $21,000,000

Architect: Goldstone & Hinz 
Construction of a 300 foot long exhibit for marine mammals and pinnepeds depicting the Northwest coast of North America.  The project consisted of six pools ranging from 18,000 gallons to 180,000 gallons with an underwater viewing gallery.  The project involved complex mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems to maintain the life support systems for the animals. 

Project Specs

  • 300-foot-long swath of land
  • Underwater viewing
  • Widest variety of marine creatures, from aquatic mammals to birds, bony fish, invertebrates, and sharks
  • Six pools ranging from 18,000 gallons to 180,000 gallons of water
  • Winner of the concrete Industry Board Award of Excellene for innovations in construction approach

Smart for the Sea Mammals

Meet some of the residents of the Sea Cliffs Exhibit

Outside, penguins, harbor seals, California sea lions, otters, and walruses swim and rest along a 300-foot-long swath of land that evokes the North Pacific’s rocky coastline.